Money Loan for your car in 24 Hours

The company Godochele offers loans of money in exchange for the applicant to place his car as collateral, that is, to put the car as collateral until the moment he returns the amount of money borrowed

Now, if you do not have a car or do not want to pawn it, you can find other interest-free loans here The applicant does not have to deliver or transfer his car to Godochele, but he will continue using it as before. This type of loans is not only granted to individuals but can also be used by SMEs or self-employed workers.

Why do you have the motto Money for your car?

Why do you have the motto Money for your car?

Because unlike other lenders, Godochele the only thing that requires to give you a loan of money is that you put your car as a guarantee that you will fulfill your obligation to return it.

There are other similar companies, that in exchange for leaving your car in deposit, they grant you a credit, but always taking as reference the value of the car.

What are the advantages of Godochele?

What are the advantages of Godochele?
  • It has the backing or guarantee of belonging to the Donasco group
  • Godochele to offer you the service of money for your car gives you two options: You can continue using your car paying a small rent while the loan lasts or leave it in deposit while the credit contract lasts saving you the rent and recovering when you return the borrowed money without having to pay interest.
  • They do not take into account whether or not figures as a bad payer in listings such as Financial Credit Institutions or Rai.
  • Comply with current legislation, signing financial transactions before a notary
  • You do not need to present other types of endorsements or properties to approve the credit
  • They have delegations in almost all the provinces of Spain with which it is very easy to establish contact with them
  • They give you the money in less than 24 hours since the agreement is signed

How do you get a loan for your car with Godochele?

How do you get a loan for your car with Godochele?
  1. You enter your official website by clicking here where you will find all the necessary information to get money for your car.
  2. Fill the application or online form with your personal and contact information, as well as car data (mara and model)
  3. They contact you to proceed with the appraisal of the vehicle (which will depend on the amount of money they will lend you)
  4. If you approve it you can get up to 10,000 euros (depending on the appraisal of your car)
  5. Once approved and signed, they give you the money in less than 24 hours
  6. Gedes car offers you the possibility to continue driving it for a rent amount or to leave it in deposit.
  7. The car will be yours again when you return the money you gave to put your car as collateral

Credit for your Donasco car: Requirements

Credit for your Donasco car: Requirements
  • The car has to be less than 10 years old
  • Must have the current ITV
  • You have to be listed as the owner of the car
  • You must not have domain reservation.
  • Present the vehicle’s technical sheet (which is where all the technical characteristics of the vehicle appear)
  • Permission to circulate as a demonstration document that is your property.
  • Reside in the peninsula or in the Balearics

Godochele reviews

On the subject of opinions on this company of granting loans with the car as a guarantee, there is still not much published, I have seen from very positive opinions to others that were not entirely happy. It is best to get in touch with them to know exactly how is the credit for your car and then I would appreciate it if you published your experience here.

Conclusions of the loan for your car

Conclusions of the loan for your car

With Godochele you can get money for your car and continue using it for the duration of the contract in exchange for a small rent.

The loan offered by Godochele is free , you will not have to pay interest, at the time you return the amount they lent you, the car will be yours again. You sell the car for an offer that you have made based on the appraisal made on the vehicle and you buy it back at the time you want, while Godochele can rent it for you to continue using it.

Benefits of Car Loans

If you are going through financial difficulties, at Financial Express we have the solution to get money: the commitment of cars. It is an easy and quick way to get out of that delicate moment. It will only be necessary for you to have a car. You will not have to let go of objects of sentimental value, with the commitment of cars you will get the money necessary to solve your specific economic problems.

At Financial Express we know that car ownership will help you and we give you the reasons why it is the best option for you:

Have money

The immediate consequence of deciding on the commitment of your car, is that you will have money for what you need. It is the main reason why the credit service for your car is going to be beneficial.

Tranquility in your life

You will live much more calm, thanks to that you will have immediate money to solve that urgent problem that you have. This is something that, as we well know, is as important or more important than material goods. The business policy of Financial Express is to help not only in the monetary sense, but also to make you calm so that you yield more at work and enjoy your family and friends.

Margin of personal and professional maneuver

Having money means that you can maneuver properly in different aspects of your life, both in the personal and in the professional field.

And if you have already decided to pawn your car, the most sensible thing is that you do it with a company that is characterized by its seriousness. Financial Express is that company. And we show it with our way of proceeding in the operations with our clients. You will have your money in 24 hours. The amount of money from a loan with us will be greater than that of any other company and the appraisal is free. In addition, we operate throughout Spain, which will not have the problem of having to move to another province and as a climax, you can continue driving your car.

Car Loan Offers Comparison of Car Loans

Offers of car loans and car loans.

Offers of car loans and car loans.

Car loans and loans have become very popular in recent years. This is related to the fact that relatively few people have the opportunity to buy a car for money saved.

At the same time, car loans are cheaper, usually by several percentage points, from available cash loans. Banks are sure that the purpose of a loan is the purchase of movables, while at the same time they have collateral in the form of the object of purchase.

Car loan loan

Car loan loan

This is a type of targeted loan, it is not just a loan to buy property that is a car, but also using it we can credit purchase, for example: a trailer, scooter or a boat with a motor engine. A loan or a loan may be both granted to purchase a new and used car. However, it should be taken into account that with older cars, the costs of credit are usually higher. The maximum loan period is about 6-8 years.

Where to get a car loan?

Where to get a car loan?

We can apply for a loan in any universal bank, as well as in the so-called car banks, supporting the sale of a given car company. However, we should start the search with a bank that runs our account and whose services we use. Then we can count on preferential treatment, because the bank has an insight into the credit history. You can also expect a lower commission from the bank, as well as resignation from the need to make a contribution.

Where is the best way to get a car loan? This is an individual matter, because some credit parameters are better for others, and do not necessarily correspond to others.

Documents needed for a car loan

Documents needed for a car loan

As with every loan granted, the bank will require a certificate of earnings, however, it often deviates from this requirement if we borrow from a bank that maintains a personal account or if we make a large own contribution. In this case, only a statement of income should suffice.

In addition, when buying a used car, we must provide a certificate from the register of pledges, about the lack of establishing a pledge on the purchased movable property. In the case of buying a car in installments, you also buy autocasco (Read in addition: What are the benefits of third party liability insurance ). To secure the loan itself, banks usually use a registered pledge or transfer. There are also less popular security features, such as: vehicle card deposit, blank promissory note, partial or conditional ownership.

Pledge and transfer

Pledge and transfer

To establish a registered pledge, a written agreement is required between the person authorized to dispose of the subject of the pledge and the bank and entry into the pledge register. This must also be noted in the vehicle registration document.

The transfer of title as collateral for a car loan means that the borrower transfers ownership of the vehicle to the bank. In such an agreement, the bank simultaneously undertakes to return the title in the case of repayment of the car loan. It also means that we can not sell a given vehicle as well as make any major technical modifications.

An alternative to car loans is: leasing, cash loans and a mortgage loan.

Remember: by choosing any credit or loan, we must pay close attention to all types of promotions, additional costs, eg related to early repayment of the loan or whether it is possible to postpone the repayment of the loan, etc.

Car Financing

The German favorite child, namely his car, is now financed mainly with the help of a car loan. MaxdaCredit also helps you with car financing. This is not limited to new cars but is also possible for two-wheelers, caravans or used vehicles. We will make you a non-binding offer in 24 hours.

Forms of auto finance

The classic variant of financing cars represents the car loan, which is a normal installment loan. This means that the bank provides the borrower with an agreed loan amount and the borrower repays the loan amount plus interest and handling fees in installments to the bank. Details of the amount of interest and monthly installments as well as the term of the loan are set out in a written contract. In the case of a classic installment loan, collateral is, above all, a salary transfer or a guarantee by another person. The car letter serves as security in this form of auto-financing and is deposited in the bank. This ensures that the borrower can not sell the financed vehicle before a final repayment of the loan. 

When comparing several installment loan provider of the APR or is in each case effective interest rate to be used. Some loan offers contain only the nominal annual interest rate, which, however, contains no information about processing fees and any other costs. These burdens must also be used for a meaningful credit comparison. The APR includes both interest and other costs and fees, making it a reliable benchmark. 

A special form of the installment loan is the so-called balloon financing, also called balloon loan or final installment loan. The balloon loan is mainly used for the financing of motor vehicles. This is a high-end car finance, which makes the monthly installments relatively low over the life of the loan. At the end of the financing, the buyer can either pay off the remaining sum at once or he chooses a follow-up financing. It is also possible to return the financed vehicle at the end of the term again. It must be determined whether the value of the car corresponds to the remaining loan amount or whether the borrower still has to pay a balance. 

The leasing of motor vehicles is a transfer of use. The leased vehicle remains the property of the leasing company, it is left to the customer only for rent. For this, the customer pays a monthly leasing rate, which is often lower than a credit rate for a car loan. At the end of the lease period, the vehicle will be returned. This may lead to a repayment obligation of the lessee, if the car has defects or the agreed mileage was exceeded. Self-employed and entrepreneurs can claim the lease payments as business expenses.

Provider of financing

Provider of financing

Car buyers can contact either a bank branch, a direct bank on the Internet or us to get a car financing. After receiving the loan amount, the car buyer can act as a cash payer to the car dealer and negotiate high discounts in many cases. Since, in particular, the manufacturers often offer extremely cheap financing, which leads to so-called zero-percent financing, it pays to compare different providers, before a buyer decides on a particular financing.

Car Financing from the Dealer or Rather at the House Bank?

Buy new or used cars with a car loan

Buy new or used cars with a car loan

On the scale of the largest private investment comes the purchase of a car just after the home or apartment purchase. However, few people can afford to pay a new or used car in one sum. To make sure that the mobile pedestal is not an unfulfilled dream, many banks and car dealers offer their customers the opportunity to finance the purchase of a car through a car loan.

Car financing from the dealer or the house bank?

Car financing from the dealer or the house bank?

Customers who are looking for a new wheeled base in the dealership for a new or used cars, can usually create a free financing offer directly on site. Most car dealers cooperate with a partner bank, where often a request can be made directly and the commitment or commitment is not long in coming.

For customers, financing through the car dealer is convenient, as they get virtually everything from a single source and no additional gear to the bank is needed. However, instead of immediately engaging with the offer of the car dealer, car buyers should first compare different loan offers.

Even if the offer of the trader sounds attractive, the credit offer that is cheap at first glance may become unnecessarily expensive due to additional fees and / or costs. In addition, the car dealerships offer by binding to a single partner bank usually not the opportunity to obtain offers from various banks and select the cheapest. Therefore, the advice of financial experts is again and again, before the purchase of a new car at least one other offer – most easily from the house bank – to catch up and compare the conditions. In this way you do not go completely unprepared into the negotiation with the car dealer and can later decide on the best offer.

Online credit comparison as an alternative

 Another way of auto financing is first in a free online comparison of car loans. On the Internet, direct banks often offer cheap car loans. They do not operate their own branch network, thus have lower costs and can pass these savings on in the form of favorable loans to customers. With a free online loan comparison, you can compare different branch and direct banks and so easily determine the cheapest car loan. Anyone who would rather finance the new car through his house bank can provide the contact person there with the loan comparison. Often the banks negotiate with significantly better conditions of a competitor and adapt their offer accordingly.

Summary on the topic of car financing

Summary on the topic of car financing

In summary, the following applies to the conclusion of a car loan: Use the opportunity to compare different loan offers for free and thus determine the most favorable financing. Always ask for additional fees and costs – and take a look at the fine print. If necessary, use the opportunity to confront your bank with a cheaper credit offer from a competitor and negotiate better terms. If you take these tips into account, you can easily find a cheap car loan and thus be a lot closer to your dream car.